About Us

About Us

The Royal Military College of Canada is one of Canada's best kept windsurfing secrets. Nestled on the Point Frederick Peninsula in one of Canada's most historic towns -- Kingston, Ontario! The College's unique and heritage waterfront affords great windsurfing opportunities for both officer cadets and the Kingston Community at large. Come down for a full tour of the wind surfing and other aquatic facilities!

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Learn to Windsurf!

The RMCC Windsurfing Club is home to some of Kingston's most active windsurfers, and they love to both demonstrate and teach the fundamentals and more advanced techniques!

Board Rental

The RMCC Windsurfing Club has a wide assortment of aquatic equipment. From starter boards, advanced racing boards, and for the days without wind, paddle boards!

Family-Friendly Facilities

The club shares the RMCC Boathouse which sports a wide variety of amenities such as easy access to bathroom and shower facilities, a short commute to the historic downtown Kingston, and a safe and family-oriented environment!


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